Parking change


    You may terminate this Agreement by the seventh day of the month with termination effective on the last day of that calendar month. Any cancellation notices received on or after the eighth of the month will go into effect 30 days later. To cancel, contact the management via email [email protected].

    We may terminate this Agreement upon one calendar month’s notice. However, if you are in breach of this Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your parking privileges, terminate this Agreement and/or tow your vehicle at your expense. If your parking privileges have been suspended, we may charge a reactivation fee.


    You may suspend parking subscription for a month, but not the current month. The subscription will resume automatically in the next month after suspension.


    Parking charges (and any applicable taxes) are due in advance on the first day of each month for that month, and payment is not valid until it is received by us. Please note, amounts owing after your billing due date are subject to a late payment interest charge, calculated at 2.5% per month, compounded monthly (34.5% per year), until paid in full. Invalid or returned payments are subject to an administrative fee of $25.00. This fee is subject to change from time to time. An additional late payment administration fee for services related to collections will apply if your account remains unpaid after your invoice due date.