New Year Events and Sum Gallery Exhibition

New Year Events and Sum Gallery Exhibition

Vancouver has the most unique combination of multicultural makeup, results in some of the best festivals a city can offer.

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Sun Wah Centre will never miss out on a chance to show support for the Lunar New Year events. We are honoured to participate in the New Year Celebration event organized by SUM gallery.

SUM Gallery is Canada’s only queer mandated visual art gallery and one of only a few worldwide. […] SUM brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation and celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art.”

Lots of People gathering at SUM Gallery ( in Sun Wah Centre)
for the New Year Celebration / Reception for their Yellow Peril: The Celestial Elements exhibition
Yellow Peril is at SUM Gallery, 425-268 Keefer St. (located in Sun Wah Centre),
from Feb. 1 to April 18. Numerous artists, visitors, bloggers showing up to support the event.
Heavy foot traffic and an amazing event happening here. What a great way to start a year! We are expecting more and more events hosting at Sun Wah Centre in 2020 so stay tuned.

Beautiful flower baskets were sent from supporters for the exhibition. At Sun Wah Centre, we encourage and embrace cultural diversity, we are dedicated to revitalizing Chinatown as a point of both cultural and economic focus.

Lion dancers show up at Sun Wah Centre to spread good cheers and luck!

Lots of people gather in front of Sun Wah Centre waiting for the lion dance performance on Jan 26, 2020
Even the rain can’t put out our enthusiasm for the show!
We love putting a smile on our visitors, all visitors receive complimentary calendars form Sun Wah Centre during and after the performance!
Lion dancers visit our Jonathan KS Choi cultural centre to pick the green
Visitors crowed the place! One of the spirits of Lunar New Year is the gathering!
Free 2020 calendar for everyone! A courtesy from Sun Wah Centre.